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Our artisans are parents, craftsmen and proud Haitian. They are uniquely talented and are leaders in their local communities.



Our handmade products are brought to life by the hands of artisans; they are organic and unique. They have a soul, originate conversation and connect people.



Life in Haiti isn't easy everyday but our artist communities thrive through learning and growing in a work environment that values hard-work, dignity and passion.


Our Story

"How I left a cubicle in New York and started making calabash in Haiti."

                                                                                          Lucie Cincinatis, Founder & CEO

In 2013, after graduating from college and quitting a high-paying job on wall street, I moved to Haiti to teach english and set up arts programs in the slums of Port-au-Prince. I immediately fell in love with Haiti, its culture, people, gorgeous beaches and mountains. During a short trip to the Southern city of Jacmel, I became captivated by the local artisan craftwork and charm of the old colonial town, and saw an opportunity to help local talent bring their work to bigger markets.

I am living my dream: to be a social entrepreneur and make a difference in the world. 

One day at the time. 

Our Mission 

"We create jobs, empower local artisans and foster sustainable living" 


Haiti has gone from "the Republic of the NGO's" to "the Republic of Unemployment". Around 75% of Haitians are either unemployed or try to make ends meet in the informal economy. We believe that work can both give men and women their dignity and create more stability in Haiti. We are committed to create jobs, empower local artisans and foster sustainable living for them and their families. 

Our Vision 

"We promote the beauty of Haiti, its culture and its uniquely talented artist population" 


Haiti is often described as "the poorest nation in the Western Hemisphere", but we believe that Haiti is too rich to be poor. Our long-term vision to promote the beauty of Haiti, its culture, and most importantly, its unrecognized and uniquely talented artist population. By purchasing one our handmade products, our customers are joining a powerful and authentic community, and are helping us beautify and dignify Haiti.